Relative Depth of Field



with Inge Kielhorn, Ute Wassermann


This work begins with the overlap of the two spaces of the Spritzenhaus where three practitioners mounted an exhibition for two months, and of the Westwerk where the exhibition took place.

The practitioners experimented with impromptu actions at the Spritzenhaus. They chronicled visual angles through a door or window in photographs, visual images, and 8 mm films, reflecting, distorting, and modifying them by suing a huge-scale magnifying lens, acryl plate, and acryl glass. They projected and reflected slide, film, and negative images again in the Westwerk. The acts of reflecting the actions in the Spritzenhaus and generating shadows recurred.

The acts in the exhibition and viewers were recorded for three days, and these recordings were overlapped with live images on screens and monitors.

The Westwerk is divided into two sections: practitioners conduct their actions in one section, and viewers move in other section. The viewers may see their actions through three projection screens made of trashing paper, but are not allowed to enter their section. The scenes enable viewers to experience diverse viewpoints and interact with the projection surface and space.

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September 12–14, 1991, "Relative Depth of Field", Westwerk Gallery, Hamburg