Time and Perspectives I



Time and Perspectives displayed at Tho art space gallery showed the elaborate spacial arrangement of photographs, mirrors, video devices.

Passing through the entrance of the gallery decorated with arcade style, and down to the narrow stairs, the viewers come to meet the exhibition hall. The photograph of the glass door (taken from the street side) they enter is hung on a wall opposite the door they enter through a stairway. The door and stairway they pass through second are reflected onto the mirror. But the space, which the viewer just left, is distanced by its own picture: in the center of the photo, exactly inside the entrance door, a mirror is placed, in which the viewer can see himself at the moment of entering the gallery. The space from which the viewer left appears unfamiliar by his own image.

While viewing pieces, viewers remember an ambiguous previous situation through the photograph taken from the stairway in the inside of the first glass door and the transparent mirror. Change in space and time is further reinforced through the viewers' movements displayed by the video cameras, photographs and the mirror. The images and copied images are integrated and deconstructed with the complex space-time through the principle of modification of their similarity and association.

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February 21–28, 1994, "Time and Perspectives", To-Art Space Gallery, Seoul