This project is a 3-channel video installation. The first video featuring the Daemosan and Seokwan-dong area in Seoul. This video - that seems to be a realistic documentation of the everyday - encapsulates specific situations at a specific space and time. This video is transferred to a space in a different cultural context where selected groups of people watching this video conjure up new ideas through their notions and imagination, creating material for other videos with their complex conceptions.

One group of people are Germans in Cologne who have never visited Korea. They try to discover the import of the fragmentary images of Seoul shown to them without any code for interpretation, only through their assumption and imagination and with their knowledge and idea within their cultural background.

Another group of people watching two videos above are Koreans living in Seoul who have never been to Germany. They have more codes available to interpret people and surroundings in their own culture and society, but also feel a sense of difference to their own culture, like those in other cultural area feel. When German people's ideas are added and mixed with their perception, their perspectives change, forming new, familiar yet unfamiliar cultural codes.

When these three videos are displayed at the same time in a gallery, the fourth space, viewers present and constitute their own ideas, absorbing lots of situations in another fashion as members of the new third group. Likewise, the three videos are in a dynamic cultural movement that brings continuously new ideas through space movement.


Participants for the discussion-Cologne: Birgit Brunner, Pascal Fendrich, Michael Fuchs, Thomas Gläßer, Bernd Härpfer, Dagmar Hugk, Luise Unger, Florian Zwißler

Participants for the discussion-Seoul: Yongnam Kim, Eunyung Kim, Euichul Shin, Yohan Han, Jia Chang, Chongeun Lim, Soyung Lee, Inguk Hwang

Sound engineer: Siegfried Koepf

Special Thanks

Naeum Kim who contributed some video sequences

Thomas Gläßer for the english-german translation

Jihyun Moon for the korean-english translation


September 17–October 7, 2014, "Space Shift", Space O'newwall, Seoul