Panorama Seoul 2000/2016



This work of three big screens comprised of 48 patch worked screens is what the artist had filmed for 2 years, looking down the heart of Gangnam from the peak of the Daemo Mountain, located South of Seoul. At a glance the work can be misperceived as a large pause screen displaying the metropolitan as the scenery of the fragmented frames are so elaborately connected. However, giving a second look, day and night, morning and afternoon, bright and hazy; Seoul’s spell of time transits in one set of screen. (Sunghui Lee, Sense of Space-time)

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Critic: "Panorama Seoul: Sense of Space-time", by Sunghui Lee (HITE Foundation Curator)


May 25–June 2, 2016, "Panorama Seoul 2000/2016", Gallery 175, Seoul