Moving Surfaces of the Space



Photograph and video installation work uses the gallery's three-story structure. Photographs showing this space's entrance are displayed on the opposite side of the entrance or the entrance of a different floor. The entrance in the photograph is replaced with a mirror reflecting the actual entrance on the opposite side. The photograph memorizes a part of the building, and its mirror reflection creates a temporal overlap.

Several surveillance cameras videotape the photograph and its opposite entrance, displaying them on a few monitors. This work showcases the intricacy of time and space through the overlap of already recorded images and presently videotaped images.

A model with a similar structure to part of the gallery is on the second floor. This model, if seen through the camera, looks like images seen through cameras installed in other places. Through this model, made up of stairs, entrance, photograph, and mirror, viewers see a sculptural installation similar to the building but with a different scale and direction.

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May 31–June 09, 2000, Keumsan Gallery, Seoul