The Door of Law/법



Jungwha Jung has been working for four years on a trilogy project in different genres with the novel The Trial by Franz Kafka as the source material.

The first part, 소송·과정 | Der Prozess·Der Prozess, was exhibited as a film installation, and the second part, The Trial, was created by editing the 6-channel film shot for the film installation and additional footage taken in the exhibition hall.

The third part, the exhibition Before the Law, consists of the animated film "Before the Law," the led object "The Door of LAW/법," the video "Discussion about Before the Law and Kafka," the film "The Trial". By combining of these different forms, the relationship between "The Trial" and "Before the Law" as well as the possibilities of interpretation were multiplied.

The work 'Led object/installation', made from the letter "Law/법" is attatched on the entrance door of the gallery. The moment visitors enter the exhibition hall, they enter the LAW suggesting that the audience's desire leads this "The Trial" to continue.

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"Artist's note about the exhibition Before the Law/Vor dem Gesetz", Jungwha Jung


November 06–17, 2021, "Before the Law/Vor dem Gesetz", SPACE ONSU, Seoul