Creating Reality II



Sound by Siegfried Koepf


If we look at 'real images' as recorded, it is not the images themselves that unfold during playback but a certain form of their representation. The obvious fact of the time and space shift between recording and playback is one of many aspects that constitute this difference. However, modern digital technologies of media manipulation render this shift to a new uncontrollable level. This calls to mind the phenomenon of TV news where history is not simply narrated but rather written, actually created.

For Creating Reality authentic recordings of natural sounds and urban pictures were manipulated on the levels of sound, time and structure to put the transformed objects in a new abstract context.

The work was originally commissioned by the Marronnier Art Center Seoul where it was premiered in 2003 as an installation for four weeks. For Creating Reality II the video tapes were produced from scratch. During a period of two months video material was shot in a public space next to Cologne Cathedral.

The installation presents a rotating panorama of the scene comprising components from different time windows, reconstructing the passing reality in a completely new and distorted way.

The sound track is based on the songs of various birds, recorded in their natural environment, filtered and amplified by 36 parallel processing bandpass filters. On a 37th channel the original sound track of the birds is audible from time to time.


November 7–9, 2008, "Computing Music VI - Teamplay" organized by GIMIK, Alte Feuerwache, Cologne

October 28, 2010, "Teamplay", Allosphere, UC Santa Barbara

September 28–October 9, 2011, "Teamplay", Gallery 175, Seoul

August 3–23, 2012, "Crossings" visiting exhibition of Korea National University of Arts at Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Msfau Tophane-i Amire Culture and Arts Center, Istanbul

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