Creating Reality I



Sound by Siegfried Koepf


The video installation "Creating Reality" shows unique situation of Marronnier Park, a space where numerous different passages of time overlap and intermix with one another chronologically, in the same space. Parks are like island that change at a pace in dependent from a changing city. They interweave complex activities that become different layers of time.

The videos are filmed at three different spots in Marronnier Park and each film is constituted a 360-degree video panoramas in 8 parts. In each of three videos, each images of one's sequences are a accumulation of their time differences.

The three spatial sequences, which remix up time and connect to a homogeneous space through computer manipulation, become a new virtual space. The sequences are a composition of computer-generated virtual scenes having a unique movement and time mix.

While each video's shooting range covers all of park space, their individual perspectives which are different from one another produce the ambiguity of identical spaces.

The sound for "Creating Reality" is the song of 32 birds, recorded in their natural environment, filtered and amplified by 36 parallel processing parametric equalizers. The frequencies of the equalizers form a non-tempered symmetrical 36-tone tuning system with a range of five octaves.


August 2–30, 2003, "Park_ing", Marronnier Art Center and Park of the Korean Culture & Arts Foundation, Seoul