TV Land



The TV Land series are photographs featuring living room scenes of Korean middle class apartments. These photographs show diverse items placed on one side of the living room, and a TV sets in its center. The TV sets draw more attention with a sofa on its opposite side, montaged within it.

Through these photographs I intend to suggest how our lives are standardized despite these various objects.

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Critic: in Catalogue "TV Land or Dystopia" by Youngwook Lee/ Art Critic


August 21-September 2, 2001, "The Burgeoning asian Century", Comtemporary Art Space Osaka, Osaka

June 27-July 18, 2002, "Panorama Seoul", Keumho Museum, Seoul

February 11-March 7, 2003, "Exchange Programme for Professors", Charles Addams Gallery, University of Pennsylvania

May 17, 2003, "Design and Culture", Yeunse University, Seoul

November 12–December 12, 2004, "The Good Design for the Era of Diversity: Universal Design", Hangaram Art Museum, Arts Center, Seoul

August 19–September 5, 2005, "Five Colors", Chung Gallery, Seoul

August 30-September 28, 2008, "TV Land", M29 Richter Brückner Gallery, Cologne

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