Time and Perspectives Angle 0



The exhibition shows the elaborate arrangement of a photograph and a mirror in the work "Time and Perspective, Angle 0", displayed at the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, Germany, in 1993.

In this work a large black and white photograph is hung on the rear wall of the space. Turning their back to the photograph viewers can look over a building with a stairway on its side through an open door, which is the same scene in the photograph's image.

The mirror is captured in the photograph. The mirror shape depends on perspective. Viewed from the location of a half-open door, the door exactly fits the mirror. The photograph and mirror undergo change, dependent on viewer location.

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Critic: in Catalogue, "Time and Perspectives", by Dr. Karin Schulze


1993, "Time and Perspectives Angle 0", University of Fine Arts of Hamburg