Panorama Hanriver



The riverside scenes from Jamsil to Yeoido and a consecutive scene of water, videotaped from an excursion ship, are presented through 16 split-screen. These images, taken from different times and visual angles, simultaneously unfold in continuity.

The entire flow of video images is dominated by the ship's movement, and sounds recorded from the ship are filtered, transformed, and mixed.


June 18–29, 2003, "Panorama Hanriver", "Eagle with Two Heads", Keumsan Gallery, Seoul

August 26–September 4, 2005, "Meet", Korea-Japan Interchange Exhibition, Hangaram Art Museum at Art Center, Seoul

November 29–December 18, 2005, "Meet", Korea-Japan Interchange Exhibition, Museum of Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, Tokyo

September 29–October 7, 2009, "Hangang Panorama", Space Jabulle, Seoul

April 8–May 17, 2010, "Hangang Panorama", Space Jabulle, Seoul